How Live Chatbots are Changing the Very face of Customer Interaction

Behold, Live Chatbot, the newest trend that sets to dominate the ecommerce industry. AI Powered chatbots like Genesys chatbot has got everybody talking about it and it forces the business owners to figure out how to integrate chat bot into their overall marketing mix. Here are some of the amazing advantages of using Live Chatbot in your website –

  • Chatbots are extremely powerful and they can collate vast amount of data and can also learn from that collected data simultaneously.
  • Unlike a human being, it never leaves the desk. It is available 24×7.
  • They can provide faster resolution.
  • They make zero mistakes while addressing problems of the customers.
  • And of course, they don’t ask for a raise or don’t mind working hard.

It is a fact that customers are becoming very demanding every single day and they want faster response from the businesses. Now, it is not that easy for a small business organization to increase the headcounts at drop of a hat just to deal with a sudden surge in customer interactions. The only way to manage an increasing number of queries from existing or prospective customers is by deploying a Live Chatbot like web chat Kate.

If we take a look at the statistics, it looks like over 60% of the Gen Xers and 59% of millennials in the USA alone have interacted with chatbots. So, it would not be far off the mark to say that the demand of chatbot in the consumers-facing industry is growing at a breakneck speed. Customers have grown impatient over the years; they simply can’t wait for hours to get an answer of a simple question.

This is the reason why it has become imperative for business owners to perform powerful webchat integration like – Genesys AI live chat integration. Failing to do so would result in customers’ frustration build up and, in some cases, you might end up losing a potential customer. Since emails and chats are fast replacing telephones as the domain communication channels, businesses have no other option but to embrace webchat powered by Genesys artificial intelligence.  Companies like Miratech can help you begin to implement the new AI technologies.

Chatbots and Customers Service

Do you know that the most popular apps on the web are all mostly Chat apps? Yes, that might come off as a surprise but it is the truth. Since big corporate giants have their fingers on the pulse on the market, they have already started integrating chat functionalities in their applications. Since people are chatting all the time, it is offering an opportunity to these businesses to get in front of the customers.

The best thing about these modern Webchats is that they are built around natural language processing and that means, you are less likely to feel like talking to a robot while interacting with a Chatbot.


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