The internet is the one big thing that has happened to our lives. It has changed our attitude and perspective to life entirely, with the internet more and more business opportunities are made available, and the right thing for any sensible person to do is to focus on how to exploit these opportunities. Even with all the opportunities created, you can host all of your data permanently on the website but then you have to make sure you have a very strong backup to fall back to when you lose data. To this end, it is highly recommended that you hire the best cloud solutions for business Seattle.

Data is the most important thing in any business and that is why you must do everything as much as possible to keep your data safe. Data loss can be very detrimental to any business and you must make sure you have a method of keeping your data in a place that it can be retrieved easily. The job of a good cloud solution provider is to make sure your data is updated frequently and is recoverable upon demand, this is our duty and we can make it happen.


We are sure to give you the best but if you are searching for reasons why we should be chosen over other companies, these are some of the reasons.


We have all it takes to help bring the concepts of cloud backup of data into a reality. We have the most recent technology to make sure your data is protected and kept safe and sound, and when things falter, you can always come back to us to have your data retrieved. We have worked with several companies and know how to handle the data issues in whatever form they might come.


There are certain standards that have been set with regards to data protection and backup and retrieval and we follow these standard. We do not just work on the ideas we have without making sure we pass them through the best standards in other to provide the best results.


We have other platforms we partner with in bringing your cloud data backup to pass. We understand that you might want to integrate already established cloud data backup providers and we help to integrate them into your app or website. Some of the samples of cloud platforms we work with are;

Google Apps for work

This is a cloud based solution to help those with apps and want to have access to the rich content of the web, while protecting their data.

Amazon web services

We also have the amazon web services for those who have built their careers on amazon and want a sure cloud solution for their business.

Google Cloud Platform

From the stables of google itself, we give you their best cloud services that will work with any business model

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